About Us

Being a carp fisherman for most of my life, it was only after the arrival of COVID and using products that were manufactured outside the UK. I decided to approach a couple of companies that manufacture products in the UK, which would be UK engineered and UK made. With hook sharpening being one of the most important parts of our carp fishing, I decided to produce my own kit. This would be something that would work for the angler using it, it would be robust enough to stand the test of time and provide a product that would last, if treated right and looked after.

After numerous prototype handles being produced and consultations with Jim Shelley, the ACP Baits hook sharpening kit was born!! At this point Jim wasn't a consultant at ACP Baits, he was with another company, but he was just working with a friend to help produce, what was in his eyes and my eyes, the perfect kit. From the Swiss Pillar 4 file to the solid hook vice with a care kit to look after the file.

Then after the winter of 2020, it was decided as we both had experience of making bait and what carp seems to like and need with regard to nutrients. Jim agreed to come on board as a full time consultant at ACP Baits. After showing Jim my recipes I was rolling for myself 15 years ago, and with a bit more input from Jim and his experience with bait making himself. Two recipes were formed, one for a Fish Mill bait, and one for a Nut bait for us to use in our own fishing. Both recipes we hoped would give even the most novice angler an edge in their carp fishing.

As it has been proven time and time again that a high quality bait, with high quality nutrients and ingredients, will out fish and the carp will seek it out over other baits. ACP Baits has been set up to help carpers on their paths to achieve their goals in their fishing. We just want to give people a product that works and is proven to work time and time again.