'Squidz' - Pop Ups (field testers)

We are finally releasing the washed out pink Squidz after 18 months of testing. 

Chaz tested them for 6 months and then the field testers were given them to test last spring with some fantastic results.  We have mixed the flavours in with our classic pop up mix of highly buoyant crystal and just enough base mix to give our pop ups that massive edge. 

As always we love to produce pop ups that stay up and not pop ups that identify as wafters!! 

No bull shit, these are going to be some of the best pop ups on the market.  With a subtle smell of squid and a noticeable aroma of crab. 

Don't get left behind!! whether you using a hinge stiff rig or a snow man, these will perfectly balance out you hook baits to catch even the wariest of carp.